1. General Information


Postgraduate studies in Ecoinformatics strive for top European education and training of staff, who after graduation will be able to meet the needs of industry.

  • Name of the proposer: University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering - FINKI
  • Name of the study program: academic second cycle studies in Ecoinformatics
  • Scientific-research area: technical-technological
  • Field: Computer Engineering & Informatics
  • Area: eco-informatics
  • The value of postgraduate studies is 60 ECTS or 120 ECTS credits .
  • Duration of studies: 2 or 4 semesters .
  • One academic year consists of two semesters lasting 30 weeks (1 semester = 15 weeks).
  • The first semester consists of subjects, while the second has a smaller number of subjects and is reserved for the final project, ie. for the master's thesis.
  • Admission Requirements : Completed undergraduate studies in the field of informatics or computer technology and informatics with a minimum of 240 credits. For study directions that carry less than 240 credits, exams offered in the introductory layer are added.
  • Introductory layer : Students who have earned less than 240 credits during their studies are offered a set of differential introductory courses. After their successful realization, the student acquires the right to continue with the second year of postgraduate studies.
  • First semester: 3 Mandatory courses and 2 electives, one of which may be from the University list.
  • Second semester: 1 Mandatory and 1 elective, which can be from the university list (only if in the first semester the subjects are selected at the Faculty level) and a final project of 18 ECTS
  • 1 ECTS credit corresponds to 30 hours of total work engagement
  • The number of contact hours is 4
  • The academic title or degree obtained after graduation is

- Master in Information Science and Computer Engineering in the field of Ecoinformatics



2. Studies

Table 3: List of Postgraduate Courses

РБ CODE / Subject Semester M / E ECTS
1 EI-Z-01 Concepts in Eco-informatics IX M 6
2 EI-02 Ecological modeling  IX M 6
3 EI-Z-03 Implementation of Geographic Information Systems  IX M 6
4 Elective course 1 IX E 6
5 Elective 2 IX E 6
6 EI-Z-04 Knowledge Discovery in Environmental data X M 6
7 Elective course 3 X E 6
8 Master Thesis X M 18


At least one elective should be chosen from the offered electives in Table 4. At most one of the electives can be chosen from the University list of master's degree programs. A maximum of two electives can be selected from the courses offered at the other postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering.


Table 4: Electives

РБ New Code / Subject Semester ECTS
1 EI-I-01   Requirements Analysis in Ecosystem informatics  IX 6
2 EI-I-02   Monitoring and data processing in environmental engineering  IX 6
3 ЕE-E-03   Remote sensing  X 6
4 ЕE-E-04   E-business IX 6
5 ЕE-E-05   Data visualization IX 6
6 ЕE-E-06   Digital Marketing  X 6
7 EI-I-07 Advanced Distributed and Parallel Systems IX 6
8 EI-I-08 Internet Infrastructure Management IX 6
9 ЕE-E-09   Smart Sensor Networks X 6
10 IT-I-10   Network Virtualization and Cloud Computing X 6
11 IT-I-11   Data Science IX 6
12 IS-I-04   Mobile web services IX 6
13 ПС-E-08   Linked Open Data X 6
14 PS-I-07   IoT for Environmental Systems IX 6


The student can choose a subject from the list of offered elective courses from all study programs of the second cycle of studies. The list of offered electives can be found on this   link .