Во рамки на Еразмус проектот ITEM на 28 и 29 Април 2021 ќе има онлајн семинар "iTEM School in Mathematics Learning & Teaching / 28th & 29th of April 2021"
Учеството е слободно за сите заинтересирани. Агенда за семинарот на следниот линк. Деталите во продолжение: 
  1. On the 28th of April, we will have three contributed talks from Eva Triantafylou, Ronnie, and Rodrigo & Israel. The target group will be the Math teachers: pedagogy (Eva), technology (Israel & Rodrigo), and creativity (Ronnie)
  2. On the 29th of April, we will have three contributed talks from me & Nissim,  Eva T., and Adrian's team (Adrian, Maria, and Mats)
  3. On both days we will start at 10.00 CET and will have completed the sessions at 14.00 CET
  4. We have until now 219 registrations: Kosovo, Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Austria, and Israel; according to my experience, this means that about 50 - 60 of them will participate. The distribution among scholars and students is balanced 
  5. To boost the registrations I am providing you the link: https://forms.gle/ShoRAdJep5uCH8dj7  Also find attached the poster as well 
  6. The zoom link for the 28th of April - for teachers and the 29th of April respectively will be the following:
For the 28th of April:
Meeting ID: 403 952 0498
Passcode: 477954
For the 29th of April: