About MCA

Founded in 2008, MCA is a company built upon the passion and dedication to make our client’s projects and visions come to life by utilizing the latest technologies.Our main clients are American, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian companies. Servicing the telecom, financial and law enforcement industries, MCA is involved in all phases of the development process – from inception, execution to maintenance. Our customers appreciate our one-stop-shop approach, as we provide them with front-end, back-end, mobile and server operations. 

We offer

At MCA you will be challenged daily to produce the best solution possible, with stringent code review from both analyzer tools and your team. Compulsory daily peer reviews, fully tested code, and continuous delivery are what makes our developers code better. To master new technologies, we have weekly tutoring sessions where the teams rapidly gain knowledge and experience.

And it’s not only work, we have parties every week with drinks, foosball, video games...

Your qualifications

We’re looking for passionate developers that have general web frameworks experience (it’s a benefit if you have React/Angular specific experience). Your primary task would be to develop new modules and components for an extensive system. However depending on your experience, you would be welcome to participate with decisions on both UX and the back end.

Interns and Junior Developers

We completely understand that it’s not possible for you to be fully productive without an extensive working experience. For that reason, we have an immersive introductory method that gets all applicants into full gear after two weeks. We make sure that your team members depend on your work in their active project, thus making sure that you get productive as soon as possible.


For both jobs and internships apply at: jobs@mca.mk